English 1: Introduction to English Literature & Composition Course

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Typically done in Grade 9, this course will focus on what might be called personal writing skills. Note-taking, outlines, summaries, letters (both friendly and business), and “tons” of suggestions to help you to finely hone style in your writing, make the material for this year exceedingly practical. It is assumed that by high school students have received adequate instruction in basic grammar and writing mechanics, so they will not see much here about writing simple sentences or parts of speech. The emphasis is on taking writing to a level that will prepare them for further schooling or to write easily when the occasion arises in the work world. Students will also study two novels, Animal Farm and The Yearling, as a way to stretch reading and thinking skills, and also to offer opportunities to practice some of what they are learning in Wordsmith Craftsman. Units on poetry and short stories are also included to introduce students to the fundamentals of these genres and guide them in exploration of different forms and figures of speech.

English 1 is a full year ONE credit course.

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Wordsmith Craftsman

Wordsmith equips young adults for a lifetime of excellence in communication skills.This is a self-directed program for building, integrating and polishing practical writing skills to prepare young adults for a lifetime of excellence in communications.

Animal Farm

Yearling, The






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