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Welcome to the Tree of Life Book Service on-line catalogue, where you will find thousands of excellent homeschooling resources to enhance your educational experience.

To easily navigate our site you will notice that we have created a list of categories on the right-hand side of this page. Clicking on one of these categories will reveal several sub-categories. These sub-categories will then be divided into various series or authors, therefore refining your search. You will also see that there is an “Other Resources” sub-category under each main category that lists material that does not easily fit into a specified series or publisher headings.

Take some time to browse the store, and you will quickly get the hang of how we have organized our site. You can also use our “Search” option to type in a title or other key words. This will take you to specific items that you are interested in viewing.

Finally, if you like products from the following publishers and cannot find them on our site, that’s no problem. We order from them regularly and would be happy to bring the desired items in for you. Just send us an email telling us what you would like and we will give you a quote. Canadians remember…ordering from us saves all those exorbitant foreign shipping costs.

Classical Academic Press / Veritas Press / Alpha Omega / Memoria Press / Crossway

P & R Publishers / Banner of Truth / Reformation Heritage / Yesterday’s Classics 

Ligoner / Critical Thinking Co. / Crown & Covenant / Shepherd Press / Harvest House

Christian Focus / Answers in Genesis / Canon Press / Baker Publishing / Queen

Inheritance / Common Sense Press