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Gillespie Academy
Home School Legal Defense Association of Canada
The Association of Classical and Christian Schools
Home School Legal Defense Association of USA
Classical and Christian Homeschooling
The Well-Trained Mind
Gutenberg College
Classical Educator


Home Education in Canada

Alberta Home Educators
British Columbia Home Learners Association
Home Educators of New Brunswick
Fundy Home Educators
Christian Home Educators of Newfoundland
Nova Scotia Home Education Association
Home Education Mother's Support - Nova Scotia
Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents
Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection
Rideau Valley Home Educators
Association of Christian Parent-Educators of Quebec
Saskatchewan Home Based Educators
Current Home Education Laws Province by Province

If you would like your provincial or territorial home education group listed here, please contact us.



Spindle Works
Contra Mundum
The Shelter
Summit Ministries
Reformation Station
Reformation of the Arts and Music
McKenzie Study Center


News and Views

Credenda Agenda
WORLD Magazine
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
World Press Review
On-Line Newspapers
The Canadian Press
The National Review



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