What’s the Big Idea? : Level 2

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Note: Please select the items for the What’s the Big Idea? course as needed. This set is to make it easier for educators to quickly purchase all materials required for a level.

What’s the Big Idea? is written for students who typically would be in Grades 7 and 8 (12-13 years of age)…although students a bit younger or older may benefit from this program depending on their skill set and needs. Scroll down and read the product description for information specific to Level 2.

What's the Big Idea?, Level 2 Manual

What's the Big Idea, Level 2 Manual Download

Jensen's Format Writing

Trial and Triumph

Editor in Chief Level 2

Thinking Toolbox, The

Grammar of Poetry, Student

Grammar of Poetry, Teacher

Men of Iron

Cue for Treason

Coronation of Glory

Refugees: A Tale of Two Continents, The

Pilgrim's Progress, The

George Fredrick Handel (Sower Series)

Johnny Tremain

Scarlet Pimpernel, The

Tale of Two Cities, A (Puffin)

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

Watership Down

Cay, The

Hiding Place, The

What's the Big Idea? Level 2, Tuition

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Skills covered in What's the Big Idea? Level 2 include reading, note-taking, outlining, summarizing, logic, composition formats with a review of paragraphs and further development of the five paragraph essay, grammar, editing, memorization and recitation, and Bible study.

As you build your order above, you will notice that there is an option to click "tuition". While this is optional, many parents choose this time to begin to submit their child's composition work for evaluation. It can be an important step in the development of the independent learner. The choice, of course is yours. No samples of composition are included in the manual.

Click here for a sample of the Student Manual for What's the Big Idea Level 2.


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