Zoology 1 Lab Kit



Nature's Workshop Plus!

This lab kit, designed to accompany Apologia's Exploring Creation with Zoology 1, contains the items you need to complete each experiment and activity--all in one convenient location! Using the items in this kit, students will be able to see caterpillars grow into butterflies, observe ants in a homemade ant farm, and display interesting insect specimens. It is certain to enhance students’ learning experiences by ensuring that all hands-on activities can be successfully completed (without a scavenger hunt before each one!). And you'll be saving money, since items won't need to be purchased in bulk (for example, buying an entire box of cheesecloth when only a small 6x6" square is required)! Items are packaged in individual lesson packs for ease of use.

Kit includes:

5-ft. Measuring Tape
Plaster of Paris
Bamboo Skewer
Glass Jar with Lid - 8 oz.
Hanging Wire - 2 ft.
Hanging Wire - 6 ft.
Sunflower Bird Seed - 1 bag
Wild Bird Seed - 1 bag
Bird Feeder
Pack of 5 Feathers
Chicken Bone
Mesh Bag and Lock-It
Math Manipulative
Plastic Container
Bug Display Box with Batting
Clean Sand - 1/2 cup
Clean Sand - 1.5 cups
Cheesecloth - 9" x 9" sheet
Large Glass Jar - 12 oz.<BR.
Plastic Bottle - 4 oz.
Bug Catching Jar - 4 oz.
Small Shovel
Spray Bottle - 1 oz.
Mail-in Certificate<BR.
Netting - 1 yard
Mass Scale
Economical Magnifier

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