World History 2, Course Tuition




Subject: World History II
Number of Credits: 1
Texts Needed: Streams of Civilization Vol. II, Garry Moes, CLP

Summary of Course: This course is meant to be an introduction to world history from the Reformation to Modern Times. Even for students who have previously done studies in this area it should prove to be beneficial as it will allow for further reflection, research, and application of the material. By itself it will give any student a sufficient glimpse of God’s initiative in shaping events and working out all things for His purposes and, ultimately, His glory. Done in conjunction with a reading of great literature of the past, it will provide a framework for better understanding of the context within which these works were written.
Average Number of Hours: 30 to 45 minutes daily
This course is set up on a 140 day lesson plan schedule.
Evaluation: A total of three tests, four essays and a final exam will be used to evaluate student progress.




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