Winning With Writing Level 3 Complete Set (1st & 2nd Semester Workbooks & AK)



This writing program assumes a 36-week school year with one lesson being completed each week.
Within each lesson there are five defined days with tasks to be performed each day.
This level covers introduction to sentences, different types of sentences, organizing your thoughts for writing, main topics, details, detail sentences, choppy sentences, rambling and run-on sentences, direct and indirect quotations, paragraphs, the outlining process, creative writing, how-to writing, personal narrative, descriptive writing, persuasive
writing, informational writing, compare and contrast writing, and biography writing, among other things.
This contains two books, one for each semester.
42 pt. blanks with dotted guidelines for writing assignments. This gives a new writer plenty of room to write.
Level 3 requires students to write one paragraph for most of their writing assignments.
The first semester book contains 166 pages. The second semester book contains 157 pages.

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