What’s the Big Idea?, Level 1 Tuition




Subject: “What’s the Big Idea?” Level 1
Texts Needed:
On The Shores of the Great Sea
Discovery of New Worlds
Growing With Grammar 7, 3 -item set
Fallacy Detective
Tales of Ancient Egypt
The Cat of Bubastes
Hittite Warrior
Around the World in 80 Days
Victory on the Walls
Tales of the Greek Heroes
Island of the Blue Dolphins
The Children’s Homer
Theras and His Town
Archimedes and the Door of Science
Caesar’s Gallic War
The Bronze Bow
Eagle of the Ninth
Polycarp, the Crown of Fire
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
“What’s the Big Idea?” Level One Manual

All of the above texts are available from Tree of Life though you may already have copies of some or all of these books are your shelf.

If you are enrolling a student and wish to purchase all of the required books, you will receive a 10% discount on the books. This will be adjusted when we receive you order.

Average Number of Hours: 2+ hours. (It is recommended that all assigned reading for English Literature be done outside of “school time”.)

Evaluation: Written assignments, notebooks, and various recitations and readings will be used to evaluate student progress.

Please provide the name and birthdate of the student who will be taking this course in the "comments" box when ordering.


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