Well-Ordered Language Level 1A & 1B, Audio Files




The Well-Ordered Language Level 1 Songs & Chants are lively tunes and chants that will help students learn grammar terms in a pleasurable and memorable way. These unique and delightful recordings feature a blend of musical genres and implement repetition, chanting, and sing-along phrases to aid in achieving memorization. You will likely find students singing these catchy songs outside of class! The songs and chants are also an excellent resource for those who want to brush up on their grammar. The 21 tracks cover all of the grammar terms used in both WOL Level 1A & 1B. A downloadable PDF of the song titles and lyrics is also available at no charge.

Purchase of this product licenses you to share the audio files with 1 - 3 students each year.

This item is a download and will be sent to you directly from Classical Academic Press at the time your order is processed.