Well-Ordered Language 1B Bundle (2-Book Set)


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ull program includes:

Well-Ordered Language Level 1B (consumable student edition) Students will not merely be able to identify the parts of a sentence, but also understand how words behave in a sentence. As students see the components of language (the parts of speech) unfold before them throughout the Well-Ordered Language series, they will be able to apply their knowledge, gathering and arranging words to express their thoughts clearly and accurately. Well-Ordered Language Level 1B (WOL 1B) will introduce students to:
Object pronouns
Prepositional phrases—adverbial
Introductory prepositional phrases
Compound subjects
Compound verbs
Compound direct objects
Well-Ordered Language Level 1B Teacher’s Edition The teacher’s edition includes the entire student text and also features:
Pedagogical guidance and tips embedded in the text and collected in an appendix
Extensive explanation of and guidance in Well-Ordered Language’s unique analytic approach to grammar
Suggested activities and games for review
Answers for all student exercises
Suggested schedules for teaching Well-Ordered Language Level 1B