Soaring With Spelling and Vocab. Level 3 Set



by Tamela Davis

This spelling program includes 8 separate grades (levels) that
excel in teaching spelling and vocabulary.

1. The spelling and vocabulary worksheets in Level 1
start with a gentler approach by introducing the student to
simple one and two-syllable list words for each lesson.
The list words for the Level 1 spelling worksheets
demonstrate simple long and short vowel sounds, as well
as an introduction to vowel and consonant blends. The
complexity of the list words and the concepts they cover
become more difficult as the Levels progress.

2. The spelling worksheets in each lesson also include
the definition for each list word. These vocabulary
definitions are used in the exercises in the spelling and
vocabulary worksheets for that week.

3. Our spelling books contain fun games that are age

4. Each spelling book lesson in each level contains a bit
of writing such as writing the list words, copying a
sentence, or writing the definition for a list word.

5. There is a review lesson after every five lessons in
each level, which acts as a review for the previous five

6. The answer keys are separate from the spelling worksheets, encouraging independent study.

7. All books in this spelling and vocabulary program are
spiral bound, which enables them to lie completely flat
while opened. Our books are bound at the top, which
allows easier access for both left and right-handed
students (no more hump to contend with).

Each level is based on a 36-week school year.

Each lesson has space provided within the workbook for the student to take a Pretest on Day 1 and a Final Test on Day 5.

Each lesson is clearly divided into five separate days. Each day has specifically assigned duties as follows:
Day 1, the student takes a pretest to gauge his level of proficiency with the list words.
Days 2-4, the student completes the exercises in the workbook for each day.
Day 5, the student takes the final test.

Every five weeks there is a review lesson, which covers the five previous lessons.

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