Primary Math, 6a Tests (Stds. Ed.)



This series is aligned with the standards adopted by the California State Board of Education and follows the topical arrangement in the Primary Mathematics Standards Edition Textbooks. Each chapter comprises Test A and Test B, and each unit concludes with similarly structured Cumulative Tests.

Test A consists of free response questions and assesses students' grasp of mathematical concepts while developing problem-solving skills. Test B is optional and consists of multiple-choice questions aimed at testing students' comprehension of key concepts. As such, it may be used as a retest if teachers perceive the need.

In Cumulative Tests A and B, questions from earlier units are incorporated into each test. These tests focus on review and consolidation through the integration of concepts and strands.

Primary Mathematics Standards Edition Tests aim to provide teachers with a set of structured assessment tools for the systematic evaluation of students' learning so as to better understand their individual needs.

Above extract from Primary Mathematics Standards Edition Tests series (reproduced with the permission of the publishers).

Pages in the Tests books are perforated for easy removal.

Answers are in the back of each book.

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