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Note: Please select the items for this course as needed. This set is to make it easier for educators to quickly purchase all materials required. The necessary items to complete the course are the Textbook & Solutions Manual. Helpful supplementary items may include the Dissection Kit the Microscope Slide Kit, and the Companion CDROM. The Full Course CDROM places necessary resources on your computer and would replace the textbook, solutions manual, and the companion CDROM. The MP3 Audio is great for students who struggles bit with reading or are audio learners. It does not replace the text.

Presented in 16 easy to understand and well presented modules, this course is designed for students who have completed one year of biology and plan to pursue further studies in this area upon graduation. Topics include: survey of marine wildlife, microscopic organisms, macroscopic marine organisms, and ecosystems.

Marine Biology is a full year ONE credit course typically done by students in Grade 11 or 12. Please note this course does not have our daily schedule to guide you through the material. We use the tests that come with the Apologia test booklet and five written labs for evaluative purposes.

Marine Biology, Course Tuition


Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Set (Text and Sol. Man.)

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Full Course CD-ROM

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Companion CD

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology MP3 Audio

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, Microscope Slide Set

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, Dissection Kit



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