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Latin for Children is an engaging, incremental, & creative curriculum, designed to introduce students as young as third grade to Latin. The Primer B text, and supplemental materials, make up the second year of a three year series. Latin for Children is a modular and flexible program, with elements to engage students of every learning style. As a step beyond just an exposure to the language, it trains students in grammar, vocabulary and English derivatives in a lively, interactive way that is perfectly suited to students in the grammar stage. Even better, Latin for Children is taught directly to the child, and is a perfect choice for teachers and parent who will be learning along with their students. Just open up and begin!

The Latin for Children Primer B is the second text in the LFC series. Teaching new grammar concepts, Latin numbers, and much new vocabulary, each workbook text is engaging, incremental, creative. Exercises, tests, and a sizable and useful reference section are also included. Lessons include a plethora of mnemonic aids (songs, chants) that enable students to learn vocabulary and grammar with ease and delight.

•Workbook Format, 32 chapters (proposed teaching timeline: one chapter a week), perfect-bound book
•Clear Explanations of Grammar in Every Chapter, written directly to the student
•Weekly worksheets and quizzes included
•Students learn 240 High-Frequency Latin Words
•Integrated with Shurley Grammar
•Classical or Ecclesiastical Pronunciation (your choice inside text & DVD)
•Professional and Classical Layout and Design
•Quickly-rising Latin series among classical schools and home schools

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