Latin For Children B, Activity Book



The Latin for Children Activity Books accompany the Latin For Children Primers, following chapter by chapter to supplement and enhance your practice of Latin vocabulary and grammar. With over one hundred pages of games, puzzles and fun, these books make mastery of the classic language a blast!

LFC B Activity Book!: Explore a mad scientist's lab, help little Billy find his way home, peruse the perfume counter, drill for oil, play cereal box puzzles, dunk your biscotti, aid the three Musketeers, go pearl diving, fish for stars, hunt for submarine wolf packs, work on the chain gang, search for pirate treasure, help mend the teddy bear... all while learning your Latin!

•Includes reproducible GROUP & SOLITAIRE GAME: RetroSpecto™
•Workbook format, 32 chapters
•Contains Whopper Crossword Poster (37½ inches by 30 inches). Some assembly required
•Answers are included in the back of the book

Latin for Children Primer B, Activity Book Sample

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