Latin Alive! Reader, Teacher Edition



Reader Features:

  • Reading selections from authors from the days of Cicero to Newton varying in length and complexity as much as they do in style and content
  • Literary genres including: poetry, science, philosophy, theology, biography, myth, and fable
  • Grammatical notes and a variety of reading-comprehension questions and writing prompts to further the study anddiscussion of the literature
  • Segments such as “About the Author” and “Culture Corner,” which tell students more about the authors, theirtimes, and the events surrounding the readings
  • A thorough review of the most common uses of grammar and syntax in Latin as well as an appendix that lists all grammar paradigms
  • Additional appendices on classical pronunciation,Medieval spelling changes, and an overview of Latin poetry (including dactylic hexameter)
  • Addendum readings that include passages from the AP Latin syllabus (Vergil and Caesar), useful for a pre-AP course
  • An accompanying Latin Alive! Reader Teacher’s Edition is also available. It includes the entire student text, more extensive explanation, and teacher tips from the authors.