Growing With Grammar Level 8 Set (4 items)


This set includes Student Manual, Student Workbook, Workbook Answer  Key and Tests Packet.


by Tamera Davis

This grammar course includes 8 separate grades (levels) that
excel in teaching grammar rules and grammar usage.

1. Each grammar book teaches the basics of grammar in
a way that is age-appropriate for the level.

2. Each grammar book also teaches advanced grammar
concepts that are age-appropriate for the level.

3. Each grammar book briefly reviews the advanced
concepts taught in prior levels.

4. Sentence diagramming is taught beginning in Level 3.

5. Each Student Workbook contains lessons that
reinforce concepts in teaching grammar that are
appropriate for the level.

6. Each level also contains plenty of review to reinforce
the concepts taught in that level.

7. In this grammar course, the answer keys for all levels
are separate from the Student Workbook. This makes the
program ideal for any setting where the teacher is
promoting independent study.

8. All books in this grammar course are spiral bound,
which enables them to lie completely flat while opened. In
addition, the student workbooks are bound at the top,
which allows easier access for both left and right-handed

By the time the student has completed level 8 of the series, he
has had comprehensive exposure to the basics of grammar. He
has also been exposed to numerous advanced grammar
concepts throughout the series. After completing the series, the
student will have obtained a firm grasp on English grammar.

Each level contains approximately 108 lessons.

Assumes the grammar course is being taught three times per week during a 36-week school year.

This set includes the student manual, workbook, answer key and tests.

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