Great Ideas Through the Great Books: Level 2, Course Tuition




Subject: Great Ideas II (Truth & Lies)
Number of Credits: 2

Texts Needed:
How to Read a Book, Adler, Simon and Shuster.
Out of the Silent Planet, CS Lewis, Scribner
The Oedipus Cycle, Sophocles, Harcourt
The Importance of Being Earnest & Other Plays, Wilde, Penguin Classics
Tartuffe, Moliere, Dover Thrift Edition (unabridged)
Gulliver's Travels , Jonathon Swift
Silas Marner, George Eliot, Penguin Classics
Calvin’s Institutes, J Calvin, McNeill ed, Westminster Pr
Rasselas, Samuel Johnson, Penguin Classics
Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare, Oxford U Press
To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Warner Books
Postmodern Times, Gene Veith, Crossway
Great Expectations, Charles Dickens, Penguin Classics
Great Ideas Level II Manual, Tree of Life

Summary of Course: This second level of the Great Ideas studies is a 2 credit course. Based on the idea that students ought to be given the opportunity to participate in the “Great Conversation” by reading Great Books,this course will allow much reading, plenty of reflection on ideas encountered, and instruction and practice in the art of written expression. The material is integrated so that students will be exposed to all the essential skills found in top notch secondary English,
and Worldview/Philosophy courses. If a student is a good reader, expresses himself well in written work, and is mature and inquisitive, this is a good choice for a Classical and Christian educational experience.

Level II deals with the ideas of Truth and Lies. See web page for more details on Level II.

Average Number of Hours: 2 to 3 hours daily

Evaluation: A total of fifteen assignments and 3 essays will be used to evaluate student progress.

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