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Geometry is the recommended university or college preparatory course that follows successful completion of Algebra II. If the student does not plan to take Advanced Math or Calculus this may be a good choice for an academic challenging course. This course will cover essential topics such as: perspective, space, dimension, calculation of measure- ments, introduction to trigonometry, transformations, proofs, and constructions. Typical of Saxon, lessons are laid out in the text and instruction is given for administration of regular mastery tests.

Geometry is a full year ONE credit course typically done by students in Grade 111 or 12 although mastery of the pre-requisite skills needed for this course is a better indicator of potential success. This means that students younger or older may be eligible to take this course.


Geometry Course Tuition


Saxon Math, Geometry Homeschool Kit

Saxon Math, Geometry Teacher Lessons and Tests CD

Saxon Geometry DIVE CD-Rom



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