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The student book starts off with a reference guide that provides the general rules of French pronunciation and breaks the rules down by the following categories: vowels, nasal vowels, consonants, silent consonants, liaisons, and stress/accents. The book contains 36 lessons (following every 5 lessons of new content, a review lesson in provided), and each lesson is broken down into the following format: French song or saying, vocabulary (10-15 themed words or phrases), short grammar lesson, short dialogue entirely in French, and written exercises that are designed to test the student’s translation skills and understanding of the grammar skills just covered. Although quizzes and answers are not provided in the book itself, free PDF downloads are available at or a free copy by mail can be obtained through Memoria Press. Student pages are not reproducible, so it you have more than one student, you will need to purchase a separate book for each. Grammar coverage in Book 1 covers verbs in three regular conjunctions (present and perfect tenses), basic noun forms, personal pronouns, and demonstrative pronouns. Short lessons on French culture covering manners, families, school system, food, symbols, and holidays are also included for additional exposure. Volume 2 continues to build upon the skills introduced in the first level with more extensive vocabulary and expanded grammar; cultural information covering French history, geography, science, and art is also covered.

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