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Deductions from your pay cheque; calculating interest in your savings account; financing a new car; taking a trip. These are very practical math skills that we use frequently. This course is meant to introduce the student to aspects of mathematics for the consumer. The text is divided into 10 units, each designed to help the student to master the skills which are essential to living in our North American culture. Top- ics include: Working and Earning, Deductions and Expenses, Paying Taxes, Making Purchases, Buying Decisions, Banking Transactions and Saving Money, Investing Money, Taking a Trip, Borrowing Money, and Buying a Car. This is a great course for the student who could us an applied, everyday understanding of the world of mathematics.

Consumer Math 11 is a full year ONE credit course typically done by students in Grade 11 or 12.

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Mathematics for Everyday Life 11



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