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We added this course a long time ago given the premise that reading, unlike writing, is seldom taught beyond the elementary level. Because there are several levels beyond this, we felt it was time to provide students with the opportunity to really learn how to read and be given the skills to read from a variety of sources. Many students have told us that this has proven to be one of the most valuable courses they have ever taken and prepared them for the deluge of reading assignments received in university. Since good reading is where the author and reader meet and the reader is able to understand what the author is teaching, students will develop valuable skills in reading at the elementary, inspectional, analytical and syntopical level, learn how to “mark up” a book effectively, and also how to engage the author in “conversation”.

Advanced Reading Skills is a full year ONE credit course typically done by students in Grade 11 or 12.

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How to Read a Book



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