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Peter’s Corner: Getting to the End of the Year

We are well into May and for most homeschoolers the end of the school year is probably in sight.  As the weather warms and outdoor activities become more pleasant, the daily task of homeschooling may become a struggle with some active children or more of a struggle, if it always was in the first place! ...
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Why homeschool moms give up on art

This post was written for us by Crystal Parker from  Her motto is “Helping busy moms give teens the gift of art!”  On her site you’ll find free art resources while she works on her online curriculum designed for homeschool teens.   Gallery   Sometimes we give up on...
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Peter’s Corner: On Time

Last month I shared a tidbit from the fledgling Lindsay homeschool: we have a Poetry Tea with our children every Thursday morning during 'break time'. I like how this blurs the line between school and play. Of course, this is just one idea that may help some families develop a culture of learning and...

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Shakespeare for Kids

It's never too soon to introduce your child to the beautiful poetry and rich literary tradition of William Shakespeare's plays. The Folger Shakespeare Library provides introductory resources, quizzes, scripts adapted for children, and colouring pages.

Encyclopedia Britannica's guide to Shakespeare, gives thorough background information on his life and times, as well as histories...

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A Summer Break from Homeschooling?

I trust most everyone is well into 'summer mode' as our public school counterparts have long ago been liberated, and the gardening, traveling and recreational season post-Canada Day have reached full bloom. This season certainly brings changes to the tempo of life and as my family is rather new to homeschooling, the issue of whether...

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Peter’s Corner: Getting the Most out of Homeschooling Conferences

Three weeks ago, I attended my first homeschooling conference in Ontario, representing Tree of Life. Being a foggy Maritimer, the Upper Canada scene is a bigger pond for me, but the fast-pace environment, the bustle, and the sheer volume of attendees was both energizing and encouraging. What often impresses me about homeschooling is the...

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