Pictures in Cursive (7 item set)



This series is different because it's beautiful! I don't mean clever and colorful graphics, I mean beauty as in full-color fine art prints. Wonderful, expressive, thought-provoking art masterpieces. There are 60 lessons in each book; five associated with each of the 12 art prints. The cursive handwriting practice starts with letters and words (primer); then phrases (books A & B); then sentences (books C-F) each relating to some particular aspect of the painting represented. Each book begins with a Zaner-Bloser cursive handwriting chart. The Primer is a teaching book before it starts the picture-word practice that is common with the rest of the books. Upper and lowercase letters are presented one at a time; then letter combinations; and then the student is ready to start words relating to the pictures (only 8 pictures in this book). What a delightful way to learn and practice cursive handwriting.