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CD: A young girl falls into a production of Mozart's great opera 'The Magic Flute.' Sarah, Prince Tamino and a faint-hearted dragon embark on a magic journey from the dark realm of the Queen of the Night to Sarastro's enchanted castle, with only a magic flute and bells to guide them to the princess Pamina. Together they reunite Prince Tamino with his Princess and help the birdman Papageno find his Papagena. This recording includes the most popular themes and arias from the original opera, all freshly translated and recorded using child-appropriate verse. Lyrics included.

Teacher Guide: Mozart had a lifelong fascination with fairy tales. He passed the long hours touring Europe as a child prodigy drawing maps of his magic kingdom of Rucken. In the last months of his life, he turned again to fairy tales to pen one of the most youthful and exuberant operas of all time - The Magic Flute.

What began as an elaborate spectacle launched by the impresario Emanuel Sshikaneder became a classic opera about growing up and the struggle between the forces of good and evil. Mozart completed it during the summer months of 1791. Nine weeks later, at the age of 35, he was dead.

The story of The Magic Flute has a natural appeal to children. Through its pages roam dragons and bird-men, princes and princesses, a Queen of the Night and a mighty sorcerer. To those children who think opera is only for grownups, I say, "Then come with me into the world of dark forests, dancing animals, magic instruments, and a sorcerer's castle." Teachers, let your students enjoy the wonderful songs, exciting story, compelling images and vivid sound effects that lie at the very core of the opera.

In Mozarts' Magic Fantasy, the creators have tried to keep both the adventurous spirit and the profound tone of The Magic Flute. Any liberties taken, including the reduction of the opera to one quarter its original length, the introduction of Sarah into the plot and the extended presence of the Dragon, do not break the flow of the original conception. The music, freshly recorded with child-friendly lyrics, carefully preserves Mozart's great innovation of the continuous musical finale.

In the end, the purpose here is not to teach the dry facts of this opera, but to invite young listeners right into the heart of Mozart's masterpiece. With Sarah, they can interact with the characters, experience the music and imagine a fairy tale world full of delight and danger.

Whether you have an extensive background in music or none at all, in these Teachers' Notes you will find more than 70 suggestions ranging broadly across the integrated curriculum: personal biography, social history, geography, science, creative writing, drama, dance, art and music. Here, your library research is collected in one place, along with many classroom activity ideas.

The book is organized for K-Grade 6 with activities ranked according to grade level.

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