The Lost Tools of Writing, Level One is a one or two year program (depending on the age of the student and the pace at which you wish to go),
that covers primarily the persuasive essay.

Featuring eight essays and a review lesson, LTW I teaches more than a dozen schemes and tropes as well as numerous skills and techniques for coming
up with ideas. By the time your student finishes the level 1 program she will be able to write a well-organized and thorough persuasive essay and will
demonstrate a competency in writing that will enable her to move forward with confidence.

The Level One complete set includes a Teacher’s Guide, a Student’s Workbook, and a subscription to online instructional videos. 

What You’ll Find in Level I

  • An Introduction to the Topics of Invention
  • Guides to using schemes and tropes
  • Guides to sorting your ideas
  • Samples essays
  • Help with creating and organizing outlines
  • Tools for strong subjects and verbs
  • Tools for grading and assessment
  • Lesson summaries