Writing with Skill Level 1 Student Bk.




This book gives every student the necessary tools to write with clarity and confidence. For students in the middle grades and above, Writing With Skill provides essential training in organization, composition structure, and research methods.
• Written directly to the student, this series encourages the student to take the initiative in developing basic writing skills
• Gives straightforward, detailed explanations of how to construct and organize compositions
• Provides careful, clear analysis of models from great writers
• Teaches how to write about topics in history, science, literature and poetry
• All source material for assignments is provided--no other books are needed
Skills Taught:
~ One- and two-level outlining.
~ Writing chronological narratives, biographical sketches, descriptions, and sequences across the curriculum
~ Constructing basic literary essays on fiction and poetry
~ Researching and documenting source material
Features of the Program:
~ Writing assignments are modeled on examples from great literature and classic nonfiction
~ Student workbook encourages independence by directing all assignments to the student
~ Instructor Text (sold separately) provides scripted dialogue to use when the student has difficulty, plus detailed guidance on how to evaluate the student's work
~ First volume of four that will prepare students for high-level rhetoric and composition


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