The Hudson’s Bay Company Diary of Jenna Sinclair



The Hudson's Bay Company Diary of Jenna Sinclair
By Julie Lawson
Orphan Jenna Sinclair lives with her prim aunt Grace, who always finds fault with her high spirits and tendency to break the rules. She finds a kindred spirit in her Grandmother, one of the Home Guard Cree who lives near Fort Edmonton and with her friend Suzanne, but soon she moves south to Fort Colvile. She begs her aunt to let her attend a "real" school at Fort Victoria on Vancouver's Island. With a small brigade, she beings a sometimes harrowing journey down rivers and over mountains to her new life. But even there, Jenna is restless. She sneaks outside the fort walls, spying on the Company officers, even visiting the forbidden Songhees village . . . sometimes finding more than she bargained for.