Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Jim Weiss)



Great literature and science merge in this masterpiece of adventure, thrillingly retold by Jim Weiss. A century before Jacques Cousteau, Jules Verne took readers for a whirlwind journey beneath the sea in the submarine Nautilus.

Accompany brilliant scientist, Pierre Aronnax; his faithful servant, Conseil; bold mariner, Ned Land; and mysterious Captain Nemo as they walk on the ocean floor, journey beneath polar ice, and fight for their lives against sharks, giant squid, and one another.

Verne’s famous gift for prophesying future events still startles us throughout this electrifying voyage. Come aboard!

(Approximately 75 minutes; 12 tracks)

•The Sea Monster
•The Professor and the Sea Hunter
•Beneath the Waves
•Captain Nemo
•The Nautilus
•A Walk on the Ocean Floor
•Dire Straits
•A Shore Excursion
•A Loss
•Pearl Diving
•The Captain’s Gold
•South Towards the Pole
•The Giant Squid
•The Maelstrom

Ages 7 and Up.

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