by Celia Lottridge

It is 1915, and Sam and his father arrive by train in Curlew, Alberta, to build a new home for the family. When they finally reach their parcel of land, Sam can see nothing but endless stretches of flat grassland and blue sky. It is nothing like their old home in Iowa and Sam wonders why his restless father ever decided to bring the family to this lonely, barren land.

But with hard work, the house is finally built, and the rest of the family joins them. Sam learns how to make biscuits. He starts a collection of gleaming white buffalo skulls. And gradually he discovers that the flat and featureless prairie holds some unexpected beauties and surprises. Most of all, he finds new friends in the isolated country, including a Polish boy who doesn’t speak any English, and a brave and resourceful horse named Prince.

Ages 8-11

Time period:1915

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