Signs and Seasons, Field Journal and Test Manual



The Signs & Seasons Field Journal and Test Manual is the companion workbook to the curriculum textbook Signs & Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy. This workbook is especially created for high-schoolers to establish 120 hours of field work for a full high school astronomy credit with a final letter grade. Time sheets are provided to enable students to record work hours and thereby document their time spent working on the course and the related activities.

Field Journal Section:

The Field Journal section is designed to promote field observations of the topics in the curriculum. The Field Journal section includes all the field activities from Signs & Seasons, along with handy tables and sketch boxes for recording observations of the night sky and sketching the appearances of the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets.
Also included are maps for recording the movements and positions of the celestial bodies. A separate volvelle section is included for creating pre-made, copy-and-cut-out "volvelles" -- traditional astronomical calculating instruments for modeling the motions of the celestial bodies.

Test Manual Section:

The Test Manual section includes eight tests for the chapters in Signs & Seasons. The tests are designed to measure the student's progress in observing the sky as described in the curriculum. An Answer Key is included with handy blanks for each question, for recording point values and tabulating test scores.

The Signs & Seasons Field Journal and Test Manual is designed to help your highschooler rediscover the forgotten secrets of Classical Astronomy while earning a full high school science credit, all to the greater glory of God.

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