Set 3: What Rose Does Not Know



Whether you’re an advocate of the Whole Language method or of the Phonetic approach to learning, Barron’s Get Ready…Get Set…Read! series will help you develop imaginative readers. Humorous, suspenseful, and entertaining stories are combined with an effective learning method. Each story opens up an exciting place and time equipped with entertaining, lovable, and very lively characters depicted in engaging, full-color art. These stories prompt classroom discussions and activities that help children discover many topics as they learn to read.

The series instruction method emphasizes word families based on similar sounds. Thirty-five titles are separated into five different sets. Each of the sets teaches certain vowels and word families. Beginning readers start at Set 1 and work their way through to finish at Set 5.

The long-o sound appears here with different endings in words such as close, suppose, smoke, and joke

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