Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries: True Tales (Vol. 2)



True Tales CD Set - Volume 2
Captivating Events and Biographies, From Resurrection to Revolution
by Diana Waring

Presented in a storyteller’s enthusiastic manner, these accounts of people and events are supplemental to the material heard in What in the World? Volume 2. This 3-CD set contains more short vignettes of history, short biographies of fascinating people, and short descriptions of incredible events, all told in the author’s internationally renowned, enthusiastic, and captivating style.

Together, you will:
•SAIL the high seas of adventure with author Diana Waring, charting the vast coastlines of history and encountering its mysterious inhabitants.
•HEAR the exploits of great European knights, the diplomacy of clever Asian warriors, and the technological marvels of Islam’s advanced civilization.
•TRAVEL enormous distances to an unknown shore, taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of a different language and culture.
•EXPERIENCE the thrill of discovery with the intrepid explorers and brilliant inventors of the Middle Ages.

Topics include:
•how the Canon of New Testament Scripture was chosen, and why
•the incredible exploits, adventures, and demise of Attila the Hun
•the life and times of Saint Columba
•the splendor and might of the Islamic Empire during the time of Europe‘s “Dark Age”
•the Byzantine Empire in its glory and strength
•Alfred of England
•the Truce of God
•Medieval Europe
•the voyages and discoveries promoted by Prince Henry the Navigator
•the unbelievable story of Cortez
•the revival and missionary movement of the Moravians
•Sir Isaac Newton
•the South Sea adventures of Captain Cook

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