Pre-High Schooler Evaluation


Most home educators are comfortable evaluating their child’s work. In fact, today many products written for home schoolers also contain suggested answers. However, for some the responsibility of coming to some sort of final evaluation…one that can be quantified in someway…is daunting. In addition you may be a in a situation where you require a formal evaluation, or you may just want it to show family members that learning is indeed taking place. If you are in need of service to help you evaluate your child’s progress, Tree of Life can help. You simply choose the number of evaluations you would like in the year…one, two or three…and place the appropriate number of items in the shopping cart. We will contact you to work out how the evaluations will be done. Then, for each evaluation period, you will complete the supplied evaluation form and submit it, along with requested samples of your child’s work. Once the evaluation is completed, we will send your material back to you along with a report card. Just like that…you can rest easy.


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