North Star Geography (with CD companion)




Product Description
GEOGRAPHY is more than just place names and outline maps—it’s understanding how the world around us works! North Star Geography gives students a deep understanding of how geography impacts all of us every day-with real-life applications for college, career, citizenship, and ministry.
Written from a distinctly Christian perspective by a homeschool grad (now a homeschool dad), North Star Geography is a full high school credit. It covers:
Geography Skills (such as reading maps and navigation)
Physical Geography (the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere)
Human Geography (social structures, culture and heritage, interacting with the environment)
The Companion Guide (included on CD) contains:
Hands-on activities and projects
Map work, memorization, and geographic research questions (with answers!)
Quizzes, a final exam, answer keys, and a grading rubric
Reproducible outline and reference maps, note-taking pages, and graphic organizers