Nobody’s Girl



Nobody's Girl by Hector Malot

Nobody's Girl, published in France under the title En Famille, follows Nobody's Boy as a companion juvenile story, and takes place with it as one of the supreme juvenile stories of the world. Like Nobody's Boy it was also crowned by the Academy, and that literary judgment has also been verified by the test of time.

Nobody's Girl is not a human document, such as is Nobody's Boy, because it has more story plot, and the adventure is in a more restricted field, but it discloses no less the nobility of a right-minded child, and how loyalty wins the way to noble deeds and life. This is another beautiful literary creation of Hector Malot which every one can recommend as an ennobling book, of interest not only to childhood, page by page to the thrilling conclusion, but to every person who loves romance and character.

Only details irrelevant for readers in North America have been eliminated. Little Perrine's loyal ideals, with their inspiring sentiments, are preserved by her through the most discouraging conditions, and are described with the simplicity for which Hector Malot is famous. The building up of a little girl's life is made a fine example for every child. Every reader of this story leaves it inspired for the better way.

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