New Answers Book 2, The



What happens when you have more "hot" questions on the Bible and creationism than you can answer in one book? You create a second volume! The New Answers Book 2 explores over 30 exciting and faith-affirming topics, including:

*The fall of Lucifer and the origin of evil
*When does life begin (and why does it matter)?
*Is evolution a religion (and why should I care)?
*Archaeology, Egyptian Chronology, and the great flood
*Could early biblical figures like Noah really live to over 900 years of age?
*What was the Star of Bethlehem (and how did the wise men follow it)?
*The "Evolutionization" of our culture—including intelligent design, gay marriage, Hollywood movies, and more!

Explore these and other topics, answered biblically and logically in this book from the world’s largest apologetics ministry, Answers in Genesis.

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