Judges Through Kings, Homeschool Kit (Cards, Audio CD, Teacher Manual)



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This kit includes the flashcards, memory song CD and the teacher's manual book. This series is the second of five in the Bible curriculum. It covers Judges through the time of Kings and Chronicles.

Learning many of the major events of Scripture chronologically has proven invaluable in the lives of many children. Having children memorize names, dates, places and events has given them a valuable tool for understanding how God is working today and what He has done during many past events. Furthermore, they are following classical methodology by memorizing this material which is presented in a variety of ways that makes the memory work quite enjoyable. We’ve heard countless examples of how students who used this curriculum were able to routinely contextualize more in depth study in later years--and that is exactly what needs to happen. We know of no better means to make a student familiar and comfortable with his Bible than this tool.

Many ask if the Bible and history curriculum can be combined. The simple answer is no. While there are many Biblically recorded events found in the history curriculum we strongly recommend using the two curricula, history and Bible, separately. In history you will note that an event is recorded in Scripture and note the reference (e.g., Genesis 1) but you need not read the Biblical text. In Bible you will definitely want to read the text to further teach the student to work with his Bible--we want to make students who know and are comfortable working with the Scriptures. In history we simply want them to see several Biblically recorded events in the chronological context of other historically significant events.

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