Jan. 4 – Feb. 5, “Emma” Book Discussion Tuition




Many home schooled children are known for their love of reading. Perhaps you have an eager reader at home who also loves to talk about books, but you can’t find an outlet for this. Our Five Week Book Discussions are just the situation you’ve been waiting for! Here is how it works….for the 2015-2016 academic year we are offering the opportunity for your child (Age 14 and up) to discuss any or all of the 7 books with other home educated students. Using your home computer and an Internet connection each book will be covered over a five week period using a blogging format. Moderated by one of our Tree of Life Staff, students will use a study guide provided upon enrolment to read and consider issues raised in the literature being studied. Each aspect of the study outlined in the guide will be discussed culminating in a final written assignment. Final grades will be based on this assignment as well as the quantity and quality of the discussion over the five weeks. Of special interest to students who are working toward a Tree of Life diploma is that completion of every 3 book discussions will count towards a half credit in their Logic/Rhetoric block. This course will be known as Communication Arts and the discussions will provide practical application in the area of formulating and expressing logical arguments as well as dealing graciously with the opinions and arguments of others.

In this book: Young, clever and slightly spoiled, Emma Woodhouse has "very little to distress or vex her," until her misguided perceptions threaten to hurt those closest to her.

Each book discussion will be limited to a maximum of 10 students, so make sure you sign up early.
NOTE: Each discussion will only be offered during the time scheduled.

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