Hoping for Home (Dear Canada Series)




Hoping for Home:  Stories of Arrival

These eleven wonderful original stories of arrival introduce readers to young boys and girls who bravely face the challenges of setting into a new life in a new land.
Hoping for Home includes stories by Jean Little, Kit Pearson, Brian Doyle, Paul Yee, Irene N. Watts, Ruby Slipperjack, Afua Cooper, Rukhsana Khan, Marie-Andrée Clermont, Lillian Boraks-Nemetz and Shelley Tanaka.
Table of Contents

Marooned in Canada by Kit Pearson

Ghost Town by Shelley Tanaka

To Get Away from All That by Rukhsana Khan

The Flower of the Flock by Irene N. Watts

The Charleston at the Trapline by Ruby Slipperjack

Prairie Showdown by Paul Yee

In the Silence of My Heart by Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

Entrance Certificate by Brian Doyle

To Learn . . . Even a Little by Afua Cooper

Out of the Ashes by Marie-Andrée Clermont

Hattie’s Home by Jean Little