Honey for a Woman’s Heart



Hunt's passion for books is infectious as she discourses on a broad range of issues from "Why Read?" to the classics, genre fiction, nonfiction, book groups, poetry, the Bible, making time to read and a host of related topics. As well as listing her choices for best books in each of the categories she discusses, Hunt adds recommendations from outside sources (including editors, housewives, librarians and Mitford maven Jan Karon), which are boxed on the pages. The resulting compilation of titles resembles a list one might obtain from a well-read book group. Hunt also tackles some of the touchier issues for conservative Christian readers, such as the value of reading selected books that contain profanity and sexual situations. There's homespun wisdom ("It's a good rule to never pronounce judgments on books you haven't read"), as well as moral commentary (Hunt calls Snow Falling on Cedars "beautifully written, but with some unnecessary sexual scenes"). Interspersed throughout the text are her effusive accolades such as "My all-time favorite" or "that title is the best!" Hunt's gushy asides are easily pardoned because they're just one part of her unbridled enthusiasm. It's a satisfyingly eclectic mix for book junkies, which doubles as an introduction to reading for the reluctant reader. "The right thing said in the right way, ah, that's the delight of good books," writes Hunt. There's much to delight in here.

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