Good Advice (Jamie Soles)




by Jamie Soles

Whether you're looking for Christian music for your children, your family, or just yourself, the music of Jamie Soles is a sound, biblical, and highly listenable choice.

Jamie Soles is a Christian singer/songwriter from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada with several albums to his credit.

Jamie’s music is difficult to categorize. His kid’s music, for which he is best known, is serious-minded fun, and loved by all ages for it’s ability to open up Bible stories and lists and make them accessible. His adult recordings are full of the Psalms and other Scriptures. His music styles range so widely that one may be most accurate to say that he is developing his own genre. Call it Bible Music.

This CD: Good Advice: (Jamie's first Children's Album) A children’s album filled with great, memorable Bible and list songs, which grew out of Bible story times in the Soles household. Nothing like a song to help you remember!

Built on the premise that children prefer food to fluff, Good Advice treats children like grown-ups; it does not talk down to them, or play to their natural foolishness, but rather builds on the expectation that the child will one day be an adult. These are songs to grow by.

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