French is Fun A, Cahier D’exercises



Lively Lessons for Beginners

by Gail Stein

This assumes no previous experience with French and is a good starting point for ages ten to twelve if you want to begin serious study. Students are introduced to the structure of the language with lots of practice and conversational opportunities.


To provide beginning students with a basal text that will help them learn communicative skills in French. A short introductory text using the "Is Fun" approach, designed especially for younger students in middle-school French programs.

Begins the natural, personalized, enjoyable program of language acquisition continued in French Is Fun, Book 1 and Book 2.

Teaches vocabulary through lively drawings and provides exercises of various types, many with picture cues.

Features short, fun narratives that illustrate new vocabulary and structures.

Rounds out lessons with illustrated conversations, personalized dialog activities, and other practice.

Includes five review units featuring games, puzzles, and picture stories.

New in the Second Edition:

New design and illustrations.

Introduction and culture sections after each chapter acquainting students with the French-speaking world.

Quizzes and suggestions that lend themselves to interdisciplinary alternative assessment (portfolio) assignments are also included.

Vocabulary and structure exercises emphasizing personalized communication.

Sections called "Les Sons et les Mots" practicing French pronunciation.

CAHIER D'EXERCICES providing additional written practice.

Expanded TEACHER'S MANUAL AND KEY including quizzes for all lessons, unit tests for all parts, and two achievement tests.

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