French First Year, Workbook Format




First Year High School


To provide a concise and systematic review of the essential elements of first-year French and an overview of French culture, along with a wealth of varied practice. Thoroughly revised and updated, this edition is designed to strengthen students' skills and prepare them for proficiency testing.

Topical organization into parts and chapters for maximum flexibility of use by teachers and students.

Each chapter complete in itself for use in any order in accordance with the needs of the students.

Clear and concise explanations of structure accompanied by copious examples.

Exercises of great variety and learning techniques, providing both communicative and written practice.

Mastery exercises in each chapter.

Overview of French civilization in English: language; geography; history; agriculture, industry, commerce; lifestyle; literature; the arts; science.

Special chapters on idioms and word study, all with practice materials.
Materials for practice and testing in speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing.

Appendix of verb tables, rules of French punctuation, and syllabication.

End vocabulary, French-English and English-French.

Comprehensive grammar index.

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