Famous Men of Rome, Student Guide (Memoria Press)



Memoria Press

Ideal for beginners of all ages who are fascinated by the action and drama of Rome. Inside are 30 stories, covering all of ancient Tome's history, from its founding to its demise. your children will witness the rise and fall of a great civilization through the lives of larger-than-life figures. In the new edition, additions include maps of Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire, and a glossary of people and places.

Each of the 30 workbook lessons includes famous quotes, a drill of key people and place, 10 vocabulary words, 5 - 10 comprehension questions per lesson, and an activities section that includes mapwork, timelines, discussion questions, and art projects. The program also comes with an appendix of supplements, including maps of ancient Rome and Italy, modern Europe, a "Who Said That?" worksheet, timelines beginning with the founding of Rome, and drawing pages.

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