Elements of Faith



by Richard D. Duncan

it's easy to see the wonder of Tod's creation all around us - but to truly appreciate the incredible design, organization, and creativeness of the Creator, you have to delve into the elemtns that make up our world.

The study of the periodic table of elements, reveals that these atomic microscopic building blocks are more than just scientific odds and ends. Each and every one is an opportunity to celebrate the power, wisdom, order, and ingenuity of our Creator!

The connection between heluim and the sun.
The biblical gems that represent wisdom, the Kingdon, and God's presence
Which element is named after the Devil
How sodium (in salt) reflects an important message of preservation
Why silver can be called the "element of redemption"
the element with two names - one name from the Greek myth and the other from a famous explorer - discoverd in ore from Connecticut

Elements of Faith, Vol. 1 examines the first 50 elements of the Periodic Table and finds meandingful insights and spiritual applications in each of them. A look at tht elements can teach many lessons, from the awesomeness of God's creation to the dedication of many god-fearing scientists who have been so influential in the history of science. Add activites, quizzes, and a treasure trove of helpful information, and you have a one-of-a-kind resource every student needs!

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