Egypt in Spectacular Cross-Section



Many books illustrate the wonders of ancient Egypt, but few are as detailed and captivating as this one. Each large 2-page spread shows a different, full-color scene from Egyptian life, with cross-sections of the illustrations lifted out to highlight important features and allow you to see inside buildings. Important aspects of each picture are labeled, with text in the margins providing factual and fascinating details. With the detailed pictures and explanatory text, students will learn a lot about ancient Egypt in a fun, interactive way. Ten 2-page scenes are included: an overview map of the Nile River, the harbor at Elephantine, quarrying at Gebel el-Silsila, Amun-Ra’s temple at Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, the small town of Deir el-Medina, a funeral at Deir el-Medina, Saqqara’s Step Pyramid, farm land along the Nile, and Ramses’ palace at Piramesse. Daily life continues in these scenes so readers will get a great look at what life was like in ancient Egypt.

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