Ecoutez, Parlez!, Book 2 Set (Book and CD)




Écoutez, Parlez!
Kaleeka Press
An Individualized French Oral Program

Learning a language is an exercise in listening and speaking while getting a mental image of what is being spoken. Écoutez,Parlez! provides oral exercises on CD, along with bright and colourful images on every page! Not only does it teach pronunciation, but provides a fun way to learn vocabulary, verbs and phrases. We learn a language to communicate. Those who can speak some French, often don't because they're too self-conscious about the way they sound. Écoutez,Parlez! uses a simple one on one repetitive approach to developing proper pronunciation. Even children as young as 5 or 6 can use this program easily. Repetition is the most natural way to learn a language and this program is so easy to use! Just open the book, turn on the CD and LEARN!

All of these books contain 50-55 pages of interesting, colourful pictures and English sub-titles under all the French words. At the end of each book, there is a log where the student can check off a box each time the unit is completed. For mastery of the concepts, each unit should be repeated from 6-9 times depending on the ability of the student. For maximum effectiveness, it is important that the student hear himself speaking aloud when working through each unit.

Book 2 Contents:
Unit 6 - names of vegetables, verb: to eat, questions, colours
Unit 7 - days, months, numbers to 30, verb: to go, phrases, simple questions
Unit 8 - parts of the head, colours, body parts, verb: to have, adjectives: large & smal
Unit 9 - weather phrases, possessive pronouns, seasons, questions
Unit 10 - breakfast foods, lunch foods, possessive pronouns, forms of "de"

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