DIVE into Math: Saxon 8/7, 2nd Edition




DIVE MATH teaches every lesson in each Saxon textbook from a Christian worldview. DIVE lectures utilize a digital whiteboard which looks and feels like being in a real classroom. Connecting new concepts to previous ones, Dr Shormann patiently teaches students step-by-step how one concept builds on another while working several practice problems per lesson. Students wok interactively by taking notes and working problems. They can easily pause, rewind or fast-forward, learning at their own pace, thereby improving retention and understanding. Based on European and Asian teaching methods, Saxon's award-winning combination of incremental teaching, spiral review and integration of algebra with geometry ensures students know "all their math all the time", resulting in higher scores on standardized tests and enabling students to confidently move to higher levels of math.

DIVE Math CD-ROM containing:

-Video Lectures covering each Saxon Math Lesson
-Practice problems that are different than Saxon's, so student can complete DIVE practice problems and then complete Saxon's practice set if extra practice is needed.
- Weekly syllabus

Computer Requirements:
(Windows or Mac) with speakers or headphones
-Saxon Home Study Kit. Make sure the Saxon Edition # matches the DIVE Math Edition #.

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