Book Tree, The



A Christian Reference for Children's Literature
by Jane Scott & Elizabeth McCallum

The Book Tree is a book about books. More specifically, the selections featured in The Book Tree comprise a body of literature that will encourage godly character development in children and young adults. McCallum and Scott were very specific about which books they would feature. Their criterion for inclusion were:

1)Well-written literature
2)Reader-friendly literature
3)Ethical standards
4)Visual appeal

McCallum and Scott write, "The caliber of contemporary children's books has declined alarmingly. Many book stores and libraries offer increasingly objectionable material." A quick perusal of popular young adult literature on bookstore shelves today reveals an appalling array of near-worthless fiction which focuses on the occult and lustful vampire romance. Stories that blur the lines between good and evil are promoted. The status quo among most parents is to just be happy that children want to read; it doesn't really matter if the book is good for them because reading is the goal. For Christian parents, however, that kind of attitude will not do. The Book Tree is designed to aid parents in making informed decisions regarding quality reading selections for their children.

Each entry includes publishing information and a short summary of the book. McCallum and Scott even crafted each summary in such a way as to reflect the feel of the book itself. Some entries include a quote from the main character. McCallum and Scott provide four separate indices (author, title, illustrator, and subject) in order to simplify finding the perfect book for your needs.

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